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This website asserts that funding for the Pearl River Basin Federal Flood Risk Management Project, also known as the "One Lake," can and should be used to reduce flood risks broadly in the Jackson Metropolitan area. 

The One Lake does not address flash flood risks that affect the most burdened communities in the Jackson Metro, namely those in the creek valleys of West Jackson. The One Lake may instead increase flash flood risks in these communities.

The One Lake does not address river flood risks for the predominantly Black and middle-class neighborhoods in Northeast Jackson. These communities are the most vulnerable to river flooding, yet the One Lake optimizes flood reduction benefits downstream to predominantly White and higher-income communities.

The analysis is documented in a public comment submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Agency overseeing the project.

The work cataloged on this website was made possible through a contract with Healthy Gulf, whose "purpose is to collaborate with and serve communities who love the Gulf of Mexico by providing the research, communications, and coalition-building tools needed to reverse the long pattern of over exploitation of the Gulf’s natural resources."

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